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In my quilt drawing series I honor my love of drawing and painting.  Lines reminiscent of landscape and figure are embroidered, pieced and composed within frameworks ranging from open white spaces to complex color fields.  The rich visual language of these lines and markings is influenced and restrained by the power of simplicity.  Hand quilting is of great importance in my work because it is equivalent to the act of drawing.  While the placements of fabric are composed geometrically, the quilting done on top is a loose, spontaneous act.  My hand responds to the shapes in the cloth, creating a loose rhythm of shadow line that is simple, clear and meditative.

Click here to view Daphne’s quilts.



Vintage Magazine  - 7/15/13

Daphne’s quilts have been featured in a pop-out section of Vintage Magazine’s Quatrieme issue. Learn more about designer, Ivy Sherman’s beautiful work here.

Reynold’s Fine Art - 11/01/13

Reynolds Fine Art, the well received gallery in New Haven, CT, recently hosted a six week gallery for Daphne’s collection of quilt drawings & works on paper. Visit the gallery page to see pictures from the event.

Friends Seminary - 2/26/14

Friends Seminary, New York City’s oldest Quaker school, has been a second home for Daphne for the past 30 years. 2014 marks her three-decade anniversary.



Daphne has had the opportunity to participate in these exhibitions, and many others. For a complete list, view her CV.

Quilt National
Manhattan Quilters Guild
Reynolds Fine Art